Hong Kong Theatre

Directory for Hong Kong Theatre

Hong Kong Theatre is an online directory that covers all theatre performances, groups and individual theatre artists in Hong Kong. It aims to be a complete directory, with different types of work tagged and searchable by category.

The project is currently in the early stages of development, collating and sorting through data before it is ready to be presented in an easily accessible way.

Archive and Historical Data

One of the main motivations is organize the current wealth of data on Hong Kong theatre history in an organized and modern way that can be easily indexed and searched, allowing researchers and writers to reference past shows and artists.

Current Show Listings

Shows can be added as early as they are announced - this is not only an archive of previous works. The best time to get accurate information about a show is as it is being advertised. We will be adding tools to allow Hong Kong theatre companies and artists to add/edit their own data.

Media archive, private and public sections

We intend to include show photography and videography wherever possible. Artists, theatre companies and copyright holders will be able to choose to allow access to different users.